Men in Gorilla Suits
Men in Gorilla Suits Ep. 146: Last Seen…Being Powerful

The power we wield because of this podcast is staggering. We stand like two gods above the masses, our voices swaying your every thought!

Okay, so not really to any of that. We're just two guys with a podcast. (No one's ever done that before!) Some might say the listeners hold power over us; that if you didn't listen, we would have nothing. (Of course, if you listen regularly, you know we'd do this even if no one showed up. This podcast is simply about a good friendship, which -- to us -- is one of the most powerful things out there. We're like My Little Pony, without all the colors and cutie marks...although we both have tattoos (Shawn far outnumbering Christopher...we might even talk about that in this episode...we record often enough that it all kind of runs together. Sometime, recently, we talked about tattoos.))

Anyway...this week is the power-talk mashup. We talk about power as a thing many crave, but we also talk about power as physical strength and even pure energy. You even get to hear tales of minor (and not so minor) electrocutions. (Self inflicted, at that! We never claimed the power of intelligence, but where the power of curiosity lies, we are thunder!)

Christopher loved that damn game...

* * *

We begin this episode with our first memories of something powerful...and then go right into whether or not we crave power. After that, we talk about how we deal with powerful people.

Then we hop into time machines and discuss what act of power in history we would love to go back to witness. Want to find out the most powerful things we've ever done? We cover that before sharing stories of our [stupid] encounters with electricity. (If nothing else, our heads seem fairly impervious to electric shocks. But not really. And those shocks so close to our brains might explain a thing or two about the show.)

Find out not only what super powers we'd love to have, but why we'd choose them. And then we throw out another random power topic: what's the most powerful animal? We also share when we feel our most powerful.

We get a little serious and talk about how much a problem the abuse of power is in society...and the best ways to prevent those abuses. And we wrap it all up with how power of all sorts will change in the future.

You have power of your own in the comments if you so choose to make that power known...


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