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Men in Gorilla Suits Ep. 145: Last Seen…Being Philosophical

How do you know you're really reading this right now? (We mean, other than you are sitting there reading and comprehending it.) So scratch that opening -- that kind of thing is not what we're into when talking about more philosophical things. We understand that at some point, many of those kinds of questions needed to be asked, but...that's not the kind of philosophy we're chatting about this week.

Every week, we drag philosophy into the show...even when dedicating an hour [and a special added interview with Christopher's mom] about poop! But it's not philosophy in the way you remember it in high school or college. Chances are, you have been philosophical about something today. And you will be tomorrow. So...we decided to finally dedicate an entire show to philosophy!

* * *

We begin by talking about the first time we were aware that there were different schools of thought in life, and then we jump right to what "philosophy" means to us. After that, we discuss the major school of philosophy we most -- and least -- identify with.

Some people consider religion and philosophy separate things (funny thing, semantics). Find out if we believe that, or if we think religions are just other philosophies. Then we chat about whether or not a philosophy can become a religion (and how it happens).

We tackle whether or not philosophy is a scalable thing (or if it's meant to be personal), before moving on to what personal codes we live by. Next, we talk about which or our core tenets have changed as we've moved through life...and which have remained the same.

As we near the end of the episode, we discuss whether or not we've taken any formal philosophy classes (and if they helped in some aspect of our lives), and then we wrap it all up with this question: "Is philosophy still relevant in today's society?"

We'd love to hear your philosophical thoughts in the comments.

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