Men in Gorilla Suits

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Working from home used to be the domain of fancy-pants novelists and snooty painters. Now, it's likely your schlub of a neighbor has worked from home. We say this with confidence, being those very schlubs.

Like anything, there are good and bad things about working from home. (Although Gorilla Christopher will argue it's all good.) Working from home is the topic of this week's Men in Gorilla Suits...recorded in our homes on a Sunday night...

* * *

We kick it off talking about how often we work from home and then jump to the first time we heard about people working from home. Then we move on to our first jobs that allowed us to work from home...followed by our best -- and worst -- working from home experiences.

We chat about if we're more or less productive when working from home...and if we tend to work more hours when we're not in the office.

It could be easy losing all sense of time working from home, so we talk about how we manage things without being in the office. And then we discuss the best and worst parts of working from home.

We devote a little time to funny working from home stories, and then wrap it all up with the future of working from home.

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You'll just have to trust us that this episode is good...

* * *

We kick it off with our first memories of trusting someone, and then talk about how important trust is to one's existence. Find out who we trust most today...and what role trust plays in this podcast.

Next, we chat about how much we trust institutions like religion, corporations, and governments. After that, find out if our trust has ever been betrayed by someone...and if we have ever betrayed someone's trust.

We discuss why betrayed trust hurts some people so much, and devote a little time to processes we trust. From there, it's on to talking about if we trust ourselves to make good decisions and then wrapping it all up with the future of trust.

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