Men in Gorilla Suits
Men in Gorilla Suits Ep. 125: Last Seen…Talking about [Gender] Equality

Hey, we hit episode 125! In honor of that, we'll get right to it: this week, we're talking about gender equality!

We begin by talking about how old we were when we first realized that men and women were treated differently. After that, we move on to the event that made us think, "This imbalance in equality just isn't right." Next, we talk about why women generally make less than men at work.

We don't cut ourselves slack in this episode -- find out if either of us have ever made what could be deemed a sexist statement (and what those statements were). The flip-side of that: find out what feminist statements we've made. (Hell, Christopher once wrote this.)

We devote some time to whether or not anyone's ever given us grief for our stances on gender equality before discussing the most enlightened -- and unenlightened -- people we know when it comes to gender issues.

We wrap up the episode as we often do: talking about the future of the week's topic. In this case, we close with what we believe will be the solution to gender equality.

We'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

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Men in Gorilla Suits Ep. 124: Last Seen…Setting Boundaries

In honor of this episode, when Shawn went to Christopher's place to record, the gate at the apartment complex where Christopher lives was closed.

Shawn could not get in... (The horror!!!)

He faced...a boundary...that lasted all of a moment when another vehicle came in, opened the gate, and Shawn followed them in...where he then parked in Christopher's spot under a carport.

That spot belongs to Christopher and his wife. Anyone not supposed to be parking there can be towed at their command...although Christopher and his wife have never exerted that power.

Boundaries are strange things. Some people require a 10-foot invisible bubble of personal space, while others are fine packed together tightly with strangers. Some people hide who they are deep down inside, while others are open to the point of some finding those people uncomfortable. (If you listen to this podcast, we're guessing you're fine with open people because we will talk about anything...even devoting an hour, once, to talking about poo.) Some people think it's money well spent to build a wall between America and Mexico, while others (i.e. not racist douchenozzles) can think of a bazillion better uses for that much money.

This week, we're all about boundaries...

We begin by talking about the first boundary in life we each remember, and then...we drop a [philosophy] bomb on y'all by talking about what seems more limiting to us: physical or mental boundaries. (While Christopher often writes these show notes in third person, he has never used "y'all" in an entry. That he knows of. After almost 125 episodes -- and some aging -- it all gets hazy...)

Personal space. Barring those with dragon breath, we discuss whether or not we have problems with people getting all up in our personal space. Next, we leap to how important boundaries are in our lives...and also: how important national boundaries are to us. (i.e. how utterly fucking stupid is the proposed wall with Mexico? Which probably gives away our answer...and might stir up the bile of some neo-cons, which -- let's be honest -- is not difficult at all. Shit, they are really more sensitive and easily offended as extreme liberals...which is really saying something. But we [Christopher] digress...)

Then we get all techie...and talk about digital rights management, software keycodes, and boundaries like that. Then...we talk not only about boundaries we are comfortable breaking, but we also share our favorite trespassing stories (where you learn that Shawn was a good boy in that regard, and Christopher really was a little shit-monkey! Like a bonafide bolt-cutter trespasser...)

Find out what we feel is the worst breach of a boundary, and then find out what boundary we would eradicate from the world if we had the power. (Another bit leaning more toward the philosophical, rather than some stupid, physical thing in the world.)

But let's pretend we're in Colorado and totally toasty and talking about space and time...which is funny, 'cause even if a life like this were legal, neither Christopher or Shawn would partake in the herb...even though we are all for legalization.

Anyway...assuming we colonize other planets, how will boundaries factor in to human development in space?

And then we close it out with this question: as we move forward as a species, do you think boundaries will become more or less important...or the same as it ever was? (Same as it ever was... Same as it ever was...)

ANYWAY...feel free to break down that boundary of the Internet and have your say in the comments. And, as always, thanks for taking time out of all you could have done with this hour of your life and listening to us instead of myriad other things. We really do appreciate it.

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Men in Gorilla Suits Ep. 123: Last Seen…Aging

As you read this sentence, you're getting older. Now you're even older than when you started reading this entry. You can step away and turn your head, hoping to not be reminded that you are aging, but time marches on.



This week, we're talking about aging!

We begin by talking about the first time we realized that childhood was temporary -- that one day we would become adults. But aging is not all bad...we discuss the first time we were aware of our bodies aging in positive ways. After that, though, we talk about some negative things we're felt or experienced as we've aged. We also talk about age-related problems we've noticed...and age-related problems that scare us.

Hundreds of years ago, we'd probably be dead by now. We devote some time to the positive and negative effects of longer lifespans in modern times -- and then talk about how old we want to live to be.

We also chat about some benefits of getting older and whether we consider ourselves old, middle aged, young, or something else entirely.

We wrap up this episode on the front lawn (chasing off those damn kids!) to discuss whether or not we are, indeed, getting "too old for this shit!"

As always, we'd love to hear your thoughts about aging in the comments.

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