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Men in Gorilla Suits Ep. 114: Last Seen…Being Political

Vote Kupfer and Gronlund sign - Men in Gorilla Suits Ep. 114: Last Seen…Being PoliticalIt's still a long way off until the next American Presidential election, and already, wooden [and balls-out stupid] people [at least one from Texas] are standing up and proclaiming their intentions to run for office.


We're told politics and religion are things we shouldn't discuss, but why is that? Why not discuss very broken things in the open, for all to see? That's what we're doing on this week's episode!

We begin by talking about the first time we became aware of politics, followed by what political party -- if any -- we align ourselves with.

Find out the first election we voted in...and who we voted for. After that, we discuss whether or not we've ever volunteered to work for a political campaign (and if we've ever given money to any campaigns).

For many, political views are first formed by one's parents. Find out if we followed our parents' political views...and how we decide to vote for a candidate (if we decide to vote at all).

After that, we talk about the current political system in America (the Electoral College, campaigning, and all that other good stuff). Find out if we think it works, or if it can stand some improvements. (And, because we're muthafuckin' Americans and it's our prerogative: what we'd do to improve American politics.)

Have we ever not voted in an election...and, if so: why? Find out! After that, we talk about how involved with politics we are compared to our younger selves. And we wrap it all up talking about the future of politics in America.

So step into the comments' booth and be heard below!

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