Men in Gorilla Suits
Men in Gorilla Suits Ep. 117: Last Seen…Showing Respect

Respect means different things to people. For some, it is something to be demanded; others respect everyone until they are given reasons not to. Some people respect others so much that they have a hard time respecting themselves, while megalomaniacs often respect only the person they see in the mirror. It's a fascinating thing, respect -- so much so that it's the topic for this week's episode.

We begin talking about when we first became aware of this thing called respect. After that, we discuss what people need to do to earn our respect...if anything at all.

Next, we dedicate a bit of time to talking about whether or not we have self-respect before talking about how important respect is to a functioning society.

If you've ever wondered what we most respect about ourselves, we cover that...and then move on to why we think so many people have a hard time respecting themselves.

Find out if we've ever found ourselves in situations of conflicting respect before we get all sappy and share what we respect most about each other.

If there's one truth in the world, it's that "kids these days" have no respect...or is that something unfairly put upon them by disrespectful older people?

Find out who we've respected most -- and least -- in our lives before we wrap it all up by asking if respect for those around us is on the decline, the rise, or the same as it's always been.

Show some respect (or even disrespect) in the comments below.

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