Men in Gorilla Suits

"Yeah, uhm...we're gonna need you to come into work tomorrow. I know, I's 4:49 on a Friday and you're about to leave, but...we have a lot to do, so we're working this weekend. Oh, you have plans? Plans can be cancelled...I mean, it's not like your kid isn't going to go on to play professional baseball if they're just on some lowly city league. They're already too far behind. The best they will become is someone just like you who will one day work on Saturdays for a bigger cause. Oh, by the way...I know your property has been in your family for generations, but we lobbied local officials and we all agree that the town would benefit more from taxes once a strip mall is built there, so just remember: you're getting a fair price when we assert eminent domain. Seeya tomorrow..."

This week, we're talking about corporations! Here's the list of what we discuss:

  • What was the first corporation you were aware of?
  • What’s the first corporation you were a part of in any way?
  • Do corporations have too much access to our daily lives?
  • Do you trust corporations with your data?
  • Do corporations have our best interests at heart?
  • Are corporations soulless and evil, or are they sometimes good?
  • What’s the best corporation you can think of?
  • The worst?
  • Which corporations figure into your daily life most?
  • Do corporations own us? The government?
  • Do you think corporations are too powerful?
  • What’s the future of corporations?

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