Men in Gorilla Suits
Men in Gorilla Suits Ep. 71: Last Seen...Talking about Money

Ah, money. It's probably safe to say everyone reading this, or who listens to the podcast, wouldn't mind a bit more money than they have. Some say money -- or the love of money -- is the root of all evil today. While we don't believe that, we examine the good, bad, and the ugly when it comes to cash in this episode.

We begin by talking about our first memories of money and then jump right to answering this question: "If money were no object and you could buy one extravagant thing, what would you buy?"

Some people seek financial gurus for money advice, some people listen to podcasts, but books have always been a big place where people turned for financial advice. We discuss if there are any financial books that changed the way we looked at money -- and if so, what the books are.

Some people instantly think if someone has money that they are worthy of respect. Find out how we feel about that -- and if a large pile of money impresses us.

You're online right now, or at least listening to something you grabbed from the Internet. There's a big trend online among some to monetize everything one does: blogs, podcasts, ebooks, and other things. Find out if we're fans of that mentality -- before finding out how important money is in our lives.

Then it's back to a "what if" talking point; this time, if we had Bill Gates levels of money, how we think we'd act.

Stress about [the lack of] money has led to more than a heart attack or two in the course of's been known to break up marriages. Find out if we've ever been stressed about money. Then we spin it: can having a lot of money lead to stress?

Some people put making money before most things in life. How much money is "enough?" -- find out what we think.

We close the episode out with two questions:

  • What's more important to you: time or money?
  • Can money buy happiness?

So hold on to your wallets and let us know how you feel about money in the comments below.

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