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Men in Gorilla Suits Ep. 137: Last Seen…Talking about Marriage and Relationships

Marriage is one of those things we're conditioned to accept as our future from a young age.

We can both remember relatives talking about, "When you're older and get married..." for almost as long as we've been able to retain bits of the past in our brainmeats! It's a thing we're just supposed to do as humans.

This leads to all kinds of wackiness: people spending more on weddings and honeymoons than they can afford; people judging how much a person loves another by the size of an engagement ring. Some people say, "What's wrong with them?" about people who aren't married, as though marriage is the only thing that defines us in adulthood. Hell, some people (even those married multiple times who can't seem to get it right), fume that same-sex couples who have been together for decades and had to hide their love for many reasons are now able to [FINALLY!] legally marry. (So far, the damage to my marriage -- and all my heterosexual friends -- that was promised if same-sex marriage were legalized hasn't happened. Funny how that worked out...almost like love is stronger than ignorance and those into fear mongering.)

But marriage can also be wonderful. Since we're optimistic guys, we tend to lean that way, and decided to make marriage (and relationships) the topic of this week's episode.

* * *

We begin by trumpeting our massive dating prowess. Or...we would have if we had any actual moves in the past. Really, we open up this episode amazed we're not steeping in our own waste and wondering how we ended up with intelligent, awesome women in our lives. But before marriage, there were dates. We discuss out first dates before chatting about how good we are at dating (based on a scale of 1-10).

If you listen to the show regularly, you know we're both married. Find out how long we've been "officially" married in society's eyes; then find out how long we've been with our wives.

Some movies portray love as this pure thing where there is just a one and only, but [unless you're Christopher, who almost peed himself at the mere thought of talking to a girl, let alone actually doing so] most people have had a boyfriend/girlfriend (or two) before meeting the person they married. Also, find out if we were ever convinced we'd marry someone other than our spouses.

Running with the idea that we're conditioned to have views about marriage from a young age, find out if marriage is what we imagined when we were younger -- or if it's much different than we were led to believe. We then talk about whether or not we feel we are in good marriages.

People love to give unsolicited advice and opinions. We talk about the best -- and worst -- pieces of marriage advice we've been given. After that, we talk about the best -- and worst -- things about being married.

We wrap up this episode by looking toward the future and asking, "If you were to be single at some point in the future, would you date/marry again?"

We'd love to hear funny/sad/wonderful relationship and marriage stories in the comments -- including some of the best (and worst) bits of advice you've ever been given.

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