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Men in Gorilla Suits Ep. 149: Last Seen…Being Collegiate

College footbal team from early 1900s - Men in Gorilla Suits Ep. 149: Last Seen…Being CollegiateFrom a young age, many of us are primed to believe that college is a thing that will happen after high school. Despite the staggering debt many carry after graduating college, you are more likely to earn more over your lifetime with a college degree. At the same time, many of the wealthiest people out there have dropped out of college or never attended at all. Some have such fond memories of college that they have a hard time leaving it behind, going to their graves die-hard fans of their old school's sports teams and towns; others have no problem leaving it all behind.

We've spent our time in colleges, so we decided to dedicate this week's show to college.

* * *

We begin by talking about where we went to college and when we started. After that, we discuss the major social movements at the colleges we attended.

Find out if we ever lived on campus and how much what jobs we held while attending college. Also find out how many different colleges we attended.

We then chat about all our different majors and why we chose them (and changed them). Next, we talk about how long we attended college -- and whether or not we graduated.

A college degree is the thing many of us are told, from a young age, is the only thing that can lead to success. But is that really true? We then devote some time to whether or not our degree/lack of degree has helped or harmed out careers and also talk about whether or not college is even a necessity?

Before wrapping the episode up, we cover our best -- and worst -- college memories. Finally, find out what we'd do differently if we had our college years to do all over again.

Whether you've been to college or not, feel free to chime in in the comments.

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