Men in Gorilla Suits
Men in Gorilla Suits Ep. 143: Last Seen…Talking about Pets

We can't think of one person we know who didn't grow up with a pet of some kind. Whether a dog or a cat, fish, or something exotic, some of our earliest friendships are with animals. For many of us, we learned about the pain of death from losing a pet. Some of you are probably reading this with a pet in the room -- maybe even on your lap.

Scroll down on our About page and you'll see photos of Shawn's dogs -- we consider them part of the podcast crew.

It's about time we finally talked about pets!

* * *

We begin by talking about the first pets we remember having, and then jump to the first pet that was considered our own. Next, we discuss not only how many pets we've had, but we devote some time to the first pet we had that died.

We chat about our last/current pets before talking about whether we prefer dogs, cats, or something else entirely.

It's no secret that Shawn has a tiny Wolfpack living in his home while Christopher currently has no pets. We discuss why we have/don't have pets before talking about which we find easiest to relate to: pets or people?

We round out this episode sharing our favorite story about one of our pets and what kind of pet we'd have if we could have any kind of animal we wanted.

Definitely feel free to share a favorite pet story in the comments...hell, even links to photos!

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