Men in Gorilla Suits
Men in Gorilla Suits Ep. 134: Last Seen…Moving

It was Christopher's turn to come up with the week's show idea. He had plenty to choose from, but as he's been helping his mom move to a new place, the idea came:

We've all moved, so...why not do a show about moving?

And so it came to pass that this week's show came to life.

And it was good...

(Except all the singing in this episode. Our [vague] apologies...)

* * *

We begin this week's show talking about the first time we ever moved...and the first time we actually remember moving. After that, it's on to how many times we've moved in our lifetimes.

After that, find out the best -- and worst -- places we've ever lived. Then we discuss where in America -- and the world -- we'd move to if we could. Since the places in America Christopher considers comes from places he's visited while working, we then talk about whether or not we've ever moved for a job.

Moving is a mundane act. Box after box is packed, moved, and eventually unloaded. Along the way, though, sometimes interesting things happen. We share some moving stories before moving on to our favorite -- and least favorite -- things about moving someplace new.

As many times as we've moved, we talk about where we might move to next...and then we wrap up the week's episode talking about the future of moving. Will people move more (or less) in the future?

We'd love to hear your favorite places and moving stories in the comments.

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