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Men in Gorilla Suits Ep. 128: Last Seen…Reading Children's Literature

Most of us have memories of the earliest stories read to us...or stories we read on our own. We often carry lessons from those stories into adulthood. Children's literature kickstarts imagination, and reminds the adults reading to children that maybe they'd do well to slow down a little and let their imaginations run wild.

This week's show is all about children's literature.

We begin by talking about the first book we remember from childhood. Was it a work of children's literature, or something else? After that, we move on to the first book we remember reading on our own. We wrap up the intro to the show listing some of our favorite children's books. (Shawn just might win, were it a competition!)

At some point, books move on from pictures and simple tales to something more complex. We discuss what transitional books affected us when we were younger.

While we rarely plug our own books on the podcast, it's not a big secret that we both write. Find out if we've ever had a desire to write children's literature.

Fantasy worlds are often used in children's literature. We discuss why we think that's so common before we talk about our favorite -- and least favorite -- things about children's literature.

Good stories feature good characters. Find out who our favorite characters are from children's literature...and whether or not either of us have bought children's literature or picture books as adults.

We close out this week's show by talking about how children's literature has affected us as adults -- and what the future of children's literature is in a digital age.

We'd love to hear what your favorite works from childhood away in the comments!

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