Men in Gorilla Suits
MiGS02: Last Seen...Building Realities

First, thank you to everybody who listened to the first episode of Men in Gorilla Suits last week! Really loved the comments, too. There's always time to comment on last week's episode before commenting on this week's.

Speaking of this we're talking about building one's own reality. No, not like Dr. Manhattan in the Watchman -- this week it's all about creating spaces that suit your personality and finding spaces while out and about where you can do your own thing. And realities aren't just physical space anymore; we now have the ability to create virtual realities -- we talk about that for a well as talk about how people create realities with role playing games and video games. All that's rounded out with talk about fitness hacks, meditation, and lucid dreaming. There's really no excuse to not have fun with the real world!

Hope you enjoy this week's chat and let us know in comments. Come back next week when it's all about...Conspiracy Theories!

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