Men in Gorilla Suits
Men in Gorilla Suits Episode 03: Last Seen...Wearing Tin Foil Hats

This week, we're all about conspiracy theories. Or...are we?!

Why did we choose conspiracy theories for episode #3? Because aliens.

Okay, enough of that...

Join us as we talk about the strange things people believe and how we all have a little conspiracy theorist in us. Listen to Christopher talk about the time he picked up Nano-Jesus in a parking lot and attempted to drive him to his ultimate destiny in North Texas. Shawn talks about his strange trip to Area 51...well, as close as one can get to Area 51 without bad things happening. We also talk about living in Dallas, where people still debate about who really killed Kennedy. Somewhere along the way, we even talk about how beneficial conspiracy theories can be to one's writing. It's the podcast the government doesn't want you to hear! (Not really, but that sounds better than, "It's an hour of conspiracy madness!")

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