Men in Gorilla Suits
Men in Gorilla Suits Ep. 96: Last Seen…Driving Cars

Christopher's first novel is about a car. Shawn's series of novels, while not containing traditional cars, feature all kinds of cool vehicles. We're not the only authors who feature vehicles in our stories. The automobile created the American landscape. Nations grew up and together because of cars. We're amazed it took us 96 episodes to finally dedicate an entire episode to cars.


We begin with the first cars we remember...and then talk about our first cars. Being geeks, we know too much about cars in pop culture -- so we talk about our favorite vehicles in movies, books, and television.

Cars turn heads: find out what cars we would have if we could have any cars we wanted.

When we record episodes of Men in Gorilla Suits, one of us drives to the other's a car! Find out what cars we drive -- and if we like them.

We all have memories of events happening in cars. We dedicate some time to our favorite car memories before talking about the one car we've absolutely hated!

Car people are a different breed. Find out if we get along with them or if we find them a bit too odd.

We both love the Simpsons episode where Homer gets to design the car of his dreams. Find out what features we would add to cars that are currently unavailable.

It's easy to take cars for granted; we talk a bit about what society would be like without them. After that, we discuss self-driving cars and if we lose something as a society when self-driving cars become the norm.

We wrap it all up, as always, looking to the future with our predictions of what is in store for our beloved vehicles down the road. (Get it, down the road?! We crack ourselves up! (Right now, Shawn is shaking his head and saying, "I had nothing to do with that pun -- that was all Christopher!"))

What was your first car? Have a favorite car story or want to chime in on any of this week's points -- have at it in the comments below!

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