Men in Gorilla Suits
Men in Gorilla Suits Ep. 67: Last Seen...Losing Things

Gorilla Christopher's sister lived to be 38 years old. She would have been 50 yesterday (May 13). It's one of many losses in Christopher's life. Shawn and Christopher have lost a lot in their time: serious losses and...pretty damn humorous losses! That's what we are talking about his week!

We kick it all off bending time with this question: "If you could go back in time and find anything you ever lost, what would it be?" (You <em>know </em>you want to know the answers!)

It's a mostly lighthearted episode, but...Shawn and Christopher both lost uncles in recent-enough weeks. While they both deal with the loss of loved ones pretty well, some have a tougher time. We discuss why we think it's harder to deal with the loss of those close to us for some compared to others.

Death. It sucks. But life springs from one's wang, and solidified in a womb, is something else. (Huhuhuhuhuhuh...he said "wang!") While Gorilla Shawn and Gorilla Christopher are not fathers, each has lost their virginity. You <em>know</em> you want to hear the stories behind those stories! All the [humorous] details are here. (Because really, does anybody [who's honest] have a triumphant tale of losing their virginity? It's usually a tale of loss, in in masculine "victory!")

Gorilla Christopher is a fan of Premiere League's Manchester City...and NHL's mighty Chicago Blackhawks. Manchester City won the Barclay's Cup last Sunday, and who knows if the Chicago Blackhawks will be be stopped by a much inferior hockey team on their race to yet <em>another </em>Stanley Cup...taking the Hockey Town title from Detroit. If either team lost, though, Christopher would have been okay with that. Some people, though, put their own self worth into the sports teams they like. Listen to our thoughts about those people experiencing a loss of their team in this section of the podcast...and then listen to our own tales of losing in sports after that. (Except for Gorilla Shawn, because Gorilla Shawn just don't lose shit!)

If you listen to the podcast and know us well enough, it's probably no big surprise that we deal with loss rather well. But...if you want to find out what losses we've endured that actually stung a bit, you really need to listen! And after that, it's a handful of minutes dedicated to the biggest losses in our lives!

Loss bothers most people, but can good come from losing? Listen to this episode and find out that answer...and also find out what lessons we've learned from losing.

Loss can be funny. Find out our funniest tales of loss.

We wrap it all up with discussing how we go about <em>not </em>losing things.

As always, we'd love for you to share your own tales of loss and how you dealt with them. We all lose things...sometimes it hurts, and other times it's funny. It's definitely an episode we hope helps some people who have a hard time dealing with those things in life that are no longer with them.

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