Men in Gorilla Suits
Men in Gorilla Suits Ep. 141: Last Seen…Talking about Conflict

Political season in America has started. (It seems to start earlier and earlier each election cycle.) A peek into the world of the Internet reveals -- surprise, surprise! -- that people are out there arguing about politics.

Conflict might be our national pastime, so conflict is the topic for this week's show!

* * *

We begin by talking about the first time we became aware that people sometimes didn't get along. After that, we chat about the first conflict we remember having with someone.

Find out if we're the kinds of people who gravitate toward conflict, or if we avoid it whenever possible. We share our tricks for avoiding interpersonal conflicts with acquaintances -- and even those close to us. But sometimes conflict is unavoidable. We devote some time to talking about how we handle conflicts we can't avoid.

We also share the worst conflict we've ever had with another person; then we chat about whether or not we find ourselves running up against the same kinds of conflict over and over.

Want to find out if we've ever been able to resolve a long-standing conflict? We talk about that. Have we ever said or done something that conflicted with our beliefs to avoid or end a conflict? We chat about that, too.

We close it all out with this question: why do humans -- who have had many thousands of years to learn how to deal with each other -- keep having conflicts?

We'd love to hear about how you handle conflict in the comments!

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