Men in Gorilla Suits

Ho ho ho, and happy birthday! It's Hanukkah-time in Gift City, so stock up for Administrative Professionals' Day! What? You didn't get the biggest teddy bear on the planet for your loved on on Valentine's Day? What kind of monster are you?! You better be ready for deep mattress price reductions come Labor Day. Shop, shop, shop...why, just since beginning to type this, marketers have created three new holidays that come with an expectation of gift-giving.

Guess what the Gorillamen are talking about this week? It's our gift to you...

* * *

We begin with the first gifts we ever received...and the first gifts we ever gave. After that, find out if we like receiving gifts -- and if we're good at giving gifts.

We spend a moment wondering if there are too many gift-giving holidays in the U.S. before discussing the go-to gifts or methods we use when having to buy gifts for people we don't know very well.

And then we talk about all this:

  • What’s the best gift you’ve ever gotten?
  • The most useful?
  • What’s the best gift you’ve ever given someone?
  • The worst you’ve received?
  • The worst you’ve given?

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